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Micronised Minerals provides the Northern Territory mining sector with ore processing solutions to treat acid water inventory.  Supporting the mining industry with tailored environmental chemistry, blend reagents and equipment fabrication with whole of service environmental treatment programs. Our innovative treatments provide our clients with an economic and positive long term environmental solution for their mine site remediation responsibilities.




Calcium Carbonate

Hydrated Lime


The only major manufacturer of specialty reagent products in Northern Australia and supplier of Chememan Quicklime and Hydrated lime to numerous projects within Northern Australia, servicing a variety of mining and industrial applications:

  • Heavy Rare Earth Mineral Processing
  • Gold ore processing
  • Uranium processing
  • Acid Tailings & Water Treatment for Gold and Uranium mines
  • Domestic drinking and wastewater treatment
  • Industrial binder applications.
  • Whole of service Acid Mine Water Treatment using specially designed in-house slaking plants and reagents.

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