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MMS Enviro-catalyst

Micronised Minerals Australia has developed an innovative process to decontaminate acid mine drainage / mine waters caused by mining processes enabling its safe discharge into the environment.

Enviro-Catalyst is a specially manufactured patented reagent developed by MMS for treatment of acid mine water. The fine ground high-quality calcium oxide product is designed for distribution using our patented Micro Reactor technology to process acid mine water resources. Treatment with Enviro-Catalyst precipitates out the key dissolved metals and reduces sulphate levels to enable efficient, low dilution rate and safe release into the environment. An additional benefit of the Enviro-Catalyst treatment process is the removal of additional fresh water requirements to achieve ecologically safe results.

MMS Enviro-Catalyst is manufactured to enable the direct application to acidic water removing the requirement for costly batch slaking processes and equipment. 

Applications / Uses


  • Acid Water Treatment using specially designed Slaking Plant

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

  • Soil Stabilisation

Packaging options: 500-1200 kgs. Bulker Bags and Bulk Tankers