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Calcium Carbonate

MMS Calci-Flour

Calcium Carbonate with NV>99%

Calcium carbonate is a primary component of Agricultural lime, also known as Ag-lime which is used for neutralising acidic soil and to enhance soil quality. Calcium carbonate when added to soil, acts as a rich source of calcium for plants and increases the pH and water-retaining capacity of acidic soils. Also, it enhances the consumption of essential plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in acidic soils.

Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a high quality Calcium Carbonate product ground to mean average particle size of 18 microns. It is specially formulated to maximise the ENV (Effective Neutralisation Value) creating a balancing agent for low pH soils.

Calcium is the “King of Minerals” that releases the strongest growth energy for plants, which carries many other nutrients and micro-nutrients into the plant during uptake. Calcium is vital for strong plant cell structure, fruit quality and disease resistance at optimum levels. Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is the perfect product for all fruits and vegetables, high quality hay and healthy livestock.

Applications / Uses

Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Locally manufactured lime specially formulated to allow 5 times more Calcium uptake by plants than Ag-lime

  • Opens soil structure, with improved aeration, water infiltration, increases soil microbial populations and diversity.

  • Calcium is an essential mineral required for new cell formation in plants as well as reproduction and growth of soil micro-organisms and fungi.

  • Increased plant available nutrients promoted through higher product availability.

  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a micronised dry product that requires lower application rates for effective soil cover, compared to conventional limestone products. Typically, our micron size only requires      ~11 kg for a surface area coverage of one hectare.

  • Promotes extensive root growth for deeper moisture and nutrient uptake by the plants.

  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a smart product selection to raise pH levels in tropical acid soils.


  • Acid Water Treatment

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

Packaging options: 25 kgs. Sacks and 500 – 1200 kgs. Bulker Bags