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Micronised Minerals supply a range of minerals to the Northern Territory agriculture industry in the Darwin and Katherine regions as soil treatments for fruit and crop production. There is a renewed international focus on soil management due to the increasing concerns of the implications of current trends in soil conditions. In Northern Australia soil acidification is recognised as a significant threat to the sustainability of fruit and crop growing. Our minerals are used to reduce the acidity of soil, restore the pH balance and provide balance to the soil structure.





Calcium Carbonate

Key supplier of high-quality agricultural minerals to the tropical fruit & vegetable growers and broad acre farms in Northern Territory. Micronised Minerals agriculture minerals are specially processed and formulated to maximise the Effective Neutralisation Value (ENV) creating a balancing agent for low pH soils.

  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is 5 times more available to plants than typical Aglime products
  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour – fine ground calcium carbonate
  • Micronised Minerals Gyp Flour – high-quality calcium sulphate (gypsum)
  • Micronised Minerals Dolomitic Flour – high-quality calcium magnesium carbonate

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